In addition to the outlining of financial details from the previous year, and to fulfill any regulatory requirements, your Annual Report can be used to communicate the achievements of the past and plans of your company for the future.

And, in this way, it should be viewed as another component of your company’s overall marketing strategy. With this latter reason in mind, a few key concepts when preparing the annual report should be kept in mind:

–         If competently designed, well presented, concise and accurate, readers will see the report as generally representative of your company.

–         Any contributors to your organization will be anxious to read what you have accomplished in the past year – i.e. was their money well spent. Successfully showing them value will convince them to continue backing.

–         Make certain to list people and groups that have helped your organization throughout the year. This shows the value you place on the contributions from those involved.

–         Remember that the report is an extension of your organization, and all readers will draw conclusions from the material presented. So you want to ensure good conclusions will be drawn.

–         And lastly make certain that it is printed well, that pictures, tables, graphs and text are crisp and clear. Shoddy printing will put forth a negative message for your organization (hint: choose Wheeler’s).

We’ve been fortunate this past year to be chosen to print quite a number of Annual Reports – the picture above shows the 2010 Windsor Police and the 2010 Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corp.  Annual Reports we proudly printed.