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Are your cheques SECURE?

It hasn’t been until recently that a customer expressed some great concern to me in regards to the security of our cheques. So I figured, what a great opportunity to share some info about the security found in our cheques. Basically there are 5 main types of security features in our cheques.

  • Warning Band – Notifies document handlers that security features are present
  • Watermark – Distinctive pattern in the paper. Hold up to a light source to view.
  • Invisible Fibres – Coloured fibres in the paper only visible under a black light.
  • Chemical Reactants – An attempt to chemically alter this document will activate a chemical reaction that appears as a stain in the paper.
  • Printloc® – A coating that bonds dry toner image to the paper fibres, making alteration by scraping or tape very difficult without showing fibre tear on the paper.

Every so often, I have a customer that insists on having a gold or hologram seal on the cheque. While this is an additional security measure, it is an unnecessary one. Crafty would be criminals can and will obtain replica stickers. See the seal is added on to the paper as where the above mentioned features are IN the paper itself. That is why we do not have seals on our cheques.

Furthermore, all of our cheques are CPA compliant ( ) and are 100% Guaranteed to clear your credit union or bank (granted you have the sufficient funds available!)

Please contact me today so we can discuss your cheque security!

(See another post regarding laser and manual cheques)

Professionalism in the Presentation

Having a well designed and well thought out presentation folder for your company or organization can help your brand awareness in so many different ways.

  • Try handing one out the next time you have a proposal or a pitch for a client. Inside, have matching letterhead with your proposal and any relevant materials to do with the project. This image of professionalism will place you leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Don’t forget a business card in the inside pocket slit.
  • Put together a welcoming package for new clients. The contents of the folder should contain items such as brochures, flyers, newsletters and any promotional items such as a pad of paper or maybe a pen. Including a time limited, money saving coupon for their next order will make sure the client has you top of mind so they can save some money on their next project.
  • Dental hygienist and medical professionals can use these to give important documents to their clients. Non-profits can use these for organization and to help train their volunteers more effectively.
  • Presentation folders are a must for photographers and wedding planners – give them a reason to pay a premium for your high-end service, you are worth every penny!
  • Supply your clients with a document holder. These are great for tax preparers or accountants. If your clients make claims on your services, such as massage therapy or chiropractic, give them a mini sized folder to keep all their receipts in one spot until they are ready to make a claim. Travel agents can use them for customer’s itineraries and travel insurance documents. The possibilities are endless!

Presentation folders typically come 9″ x 12″ with 3″ or 4″ inside pockets, however, they can be custom made to any size, shape, colour or need. The really great thing about presentation folders is that their price has come down over the last few years. Below are just a few quick samples that we have printed for some of our clients.


Presentation Folder Sample

Here is the back of a full colour presentation folder we did for the Health Unit.

Presentation Folder Samples

Here are some various samples of 9" x 12" presentation folders we have done for various clients. Everything from gold foiling, to full colour process. The possibilities are truly endless!

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