Ok, I have a confession, I am in love with FastSigns Windsor (@FASTSIGNS658)

FastSigns Windsor is always dependable, reliable and very competitively priced. Like Wheeler’s Printing, FastSigns Windsor has tackled social media head-on and their latest is their MetamorphoSIGN contest. The whole idea is for companies to enter the contest and then rally up all their friends, family and colleagues to vote for their company to get a sign makeover worth $10,000!

Now I have to say, we here at Wheeler’s are very proactive in making sure our equipment and software are always up to date as to most effectively assist our customers. In fact we just installed a brand-spanking new digital colour machine which you will be hearing about more in the near future. One thing however, that has gone by the wayside, is our signage. The original signs which were installed in 1994 are still up there attached to the building. We could really use a $10,000 make-over but we need your help in doing so! Below, you will find the contest. We are the very first entry (ENTRY#1) which is great, but you have to click NEXT 50 till you get to the last page, then scroll all the way to the bottom, click on our entry (ENTRY#1) and click VOTE FOR US.

Whats in it for you? Every time you vote, you get entered to win a $50 American Express Gift card from FastSigns but wait, that’s not all! As an added bonus, if you vote for Wheeler’s and win the $50 from FastSign, Wheeler’s will award the winner ‘s company an additional $200 credit towards a printing, copying or promotional products purchase OR a $100 gift card to Mezzo Ristorante, the choice is yours! What are you waiting for?

So help spread the FastSigns love and get voting and remember that you can vote again everyday now until September 2!

Visit FastSigns Windsor at http://www.fastsigns.com/658 and thank you for voting!!!