More power!

As Tim the Tool Man Taylor would say – “more power” and that’s just what DeWalt tools has done. I was meandering through my favorite big box tool store and came across a new 20 volt cordless DeWalt drill.

Click picture to make larger.

Now I like more power just like the next guy, but what really caught my (marketer’s) eye was the QR Codes printed everywhere on the display and on the boxes themselves. Scanning the codes took me to a really well thought out mobile website of new DeWalt tools – not just drills. Complete with user reviews, the mobile site was well designed and easy to navigate.

Click picture to make larger. (Mobile website on my BlackBerry)

The only missing marketing channel DeWalt could/should have included might have been YouTube videos of the new tools in “action”. One negative – the code was almost too dense to be scannable by my Blackberry – whenever possible use a url shortener when generating a QR Codes. The less dense, that is fewer pixels, the greater the likelihood that the code can be scanned by all mobile devices. This value added experience for the shopper began with something printed – in this case the display and packaging.

For more “QR-azy” information, contact our shop and ask for Cary or Rick – Grrrr!