I wish I had a buck for every hand tool, every office piece of equipment, every production machine, every car I’ve bought in my lifetime that broke down and died before I figured it should have.

I understand that a pencil sharpener is not exactly high-tech. Pretty much on a par with two cans and a string. But this particular pencil sharpener must be – let me ponder this – about 94 years old! It still puts a fine sharp tip on all the pencils I feed into it. It has a revolving plate on the front to accept different diameter pencils, and is powered by good old fashioned arm rotation.

I inherited it from my Grandfather who was a carpenter and I gotta guess sharpened many a point on it over his lifespan. And I and our 4 kids always sought it out at our home when necessary.

OK – there’s not much to go wrong with it, I admit. But it sure is a comfort knowing at least one item in my tool shop won’t breakdown, short-out or need batteries.

Kinda like Wheeler’s Printing – we won’t let you down either!

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