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Congratulations to partners Curtis DeSchutter & Jason Lemky on the opening of 4 new A & W Restaurants in Comber, Leamington, Strathroy & Goderich.

I remember being among the first of many visitors during the first week of the opening of Windsor’s first A & W in South Windsor, back in the day. A cold frosty root beer was a welcomed treat on a hot summer day, and sitting in the car with my family and the tray hanging from the car window seemed much “groovier” than going inside. Come to think of it, I can’t remember there being any inside sit down area to eat in those first outlets. It was a Drive-In for goodness sakes.

Anyways Curtis & Jason thanks again for allowing Wheeler’s to be a part of the opening of your 4 new locations with the printing of 56,000 flyers.