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What is the difference between Cross-Media and Multi-Channel Marketing?

Often these two terms are used as the same but they are far from it.

For example, Multi-Channel Marketing refers to using multiple channels of marketing for a single marketing campaign. So to advertise a monthly sale coming up, you would use direct mail, brochures, an email blast and social media. Therefor we have used 4 different channels for this marketing campaign. Leading marketers are using between 3-6 channels or touches per marketing campaign to make sure their message is being received. How many channels do you typically use?

Cross-Media Marketing, while using different channels, prompts a user to respond using a different media then they were contacted with. So this could be a direct mail piece or brochure that asks the recipient to respond by logging onto a specific micro-site built for the campaign – or maybe to text a code to receive special offers. Maybe it is a social media post about visiting the brick and mortar storefront to receive a discount at the company’s annual open house.

Now the real magic starts when you combine the two into a marketing campaign. Contact me today and let me show you the true benefit of such a campaign. Getting a 2x-5x improved response and beyond can be a reality.

March 22, 2012 – Save The Date

GLISC’s Build and Grow your Business event will be taking place on March 22, 2012 at The Caboto Club in Windsor, Ontario. You won’t want to miss this event!

Build and Grow your Business“It is a full day’s line-up with seven presenters and a full rain of insightful business topics. Our MC for the event will be Karen Plunkett from We-Tech Alliance.

This first event focuses on new and emerging businesses. If you’ve just started a business or are considering one, or companies looking to grow or expand their existing business, this event is right up your alley. Each presenter’s focus is to deliver useful information that you can use right away and get your business idea off on solid footing.

Running a business is challenging in the best of times, so getting the right information from people who have a unique insight is very valuable. GLISC Networking Group understands the value of knowledge and as such positions itself as a teacher in many respects. Join us in March and not only learn some very valuable tips but networking among our regions best and brightest business people.

The Build and Grow Your Business workshop includes a continental breakfast, a hearty lunch and beverages throughout the day. The fee covers everything and the format allows you to pick a few sessions or join them all throughout the day. GLISC’s goal is to provide an ongoing series of learning workshops, so help us to make this first a smashing success!”

To see the speakers list, as well as to register, visit GLISC’s website.

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