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Mobbing With Cash

Ca$h Mob of Wind$or

Written by: Josh Wheeler of Wheeler’s Printing & Copying


If you haven’t heard of it in the news already, Ca$h Mob of Wind$or is sweeping the town by creating awareness of local companies…. and Wheeler’s had to be a part of it!

Minutes to 6:00pm on Thursday, April 26th, Ca$h Mob of Wind$or and Wheeler’s prepared their mobbing of an unexpecting store. Gathering its participants, they marched into “Girard & Company Flowers and Gifts” with $20 bills in their hands, ready to support the local business with their excitement to buy local.

Inspired by Flash Mobs, Ca$h Mobs are known nationwide and are growing in popularity. By grouping people together that are willing to spend a minimum of $20, Ca$h Mobs help raise awareness of the benefits of buying local, and allow its participants to experience a store that may have gone under the radar before.

Wheeler’s Printing & Copying has been supporting local companies in Windsor for over 18 years! We have been more than grateful for all the business we have received from others in the community and Ca$h Mob of Wind$or was just another chance to prove how amazing Windsor can be.

Thank you to all the participants for coming out and supporting local businesses such as “Girard & Company Flowers and Gifts”. Thanks to you, we have raised money and awareness of what it feels like to buy local.


Thank you,

Josh Wheeler

Wheeler’s Printing & Copying

What I’d do if I owned a men’s wear store. (A pretend story for all retail businesses)

My name is Frank, and I own FWJ Men’s Store located at 6th and Broadway. We’ve been in business for 11 years now, and I need marketing help.

Year’s ago, I knew that my store had to be different from the existing competition. I should zero in on a niche and strive to become the leading purveyor of that type of men’s wear in town.

Suppose for example, I specialized in unique dressy-casual wear. Shirts, pants, and outer wear that you won’t find at big department stores or discount retailers. My clientele over the years has come to appreciate my smaller store’s selection of exclusive lines of clothing, the personalized service we give, and the fact that as you enter my store, you are greeted by first name.

But, I’ve noticed a number of my regulars haven’t been coming in as often. Whereas Jack came in once a quarter to check out new arrivals, I haven’t seen him lately, and now that I think of it, I don’t know when he was in last because I have no process in place to easily record visits by customer name. I shake my head and realize I should have given Jack a quick phone call just to say hi and tell him some of the new styles that have arrived. I’d send him an email to do just this, but I don’t have his or any customer’s emails on record. In fact I don’t really have any data about Jack or others that I get business from, except first name and home address.


I’d like to:

– start a process to gather more complete information about the Jacks that come in. Data like email address and how they prefer to be communicated to, (by mail, email or other).

– knowing their birthdays would be handy because I want to start sending out birthday cards with special discounts to customers that come in and purchase anytime during their birthday week.

– I want my customers to become advocates for my shop – telling all their family and friends what a super place this is to see and purchase unique men’s clothing.

– it would be nice to know where else in town my clients shop for clothing. Places that may be considered similar to my store, and why my customers shop there, and not with me exclusively.

– it would be nice to even update my data by filling in the last names to those customers that I only know by first name, like Jack, he’s been shopping here for at least 9 years and after all this time I’m now too embarrassed to ask him what his last name is.

– it would be beneficial to re-start business with Jack or George or Sam or any customer I haven’t seen for awhile and keep better track of the frequency of their visits so time doesn’t lapse too long between their visits without some form of communication from me personally that they are missed.

I just don’t know where to begin.

Enter Wheeler’s…. Our Multi Channel Cross Media Marketing tools can help with all this store owner’s goals—and more. After meeting with Frank the store owner, we’ll custom design Integrated Campaigns that will use all or some of the following; personalized websites for the customer to enter information and be told of the latest fashions arriving complete with pictures, email campaigns with or without a direct mail component to announce sales or the arrival of new merchandise, unique and very personalized birthday cards (and any other greeting card themes such as Christmas cards), Social Media Marketing for the store owner may be utilized to develop a BUZZ about FWJ Men’s Store, we can help coordinate videos that can be uploaded to FWJ ‘s very own YouTube Channel and we may suggest establishing opportunities for the customer to share their birthday discounts with family & friends who may not currently shop at the store. Perhaps the customer prefers to get text messages of new arrivals—we can set this up too for the store owner.

Whether it’s a men’s or ladies store, or any other retail type of operation, Wheeler’s can help.

So call us today – PH: (519) 254 – 5237



Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

Personalized URLs Power the Conversation … and, Most Importantly, Pay Off
by Heather Fletcher, contributing writer, Inside Direct Mail

For companies that had their heads in the clouds when it came time to upgrade their computers, Hewlett-Packard, Intel and JDA Software Group thought it was time for some skywriting. The technology firms sent out personalized direct mail pieces that featured a man with his arms spread upward, experiencing an epiphany due to these fluffy words forming above his head: “Joe Smith, The Moment Has Arrived.”

After determining customers’ upgrade schedules, personalized direct mail and e-mail, complete with Personalized URLs, led recipients to personalized landing pages. There, recipients learned all about how hardware from Palo Alto, California-based HP and Santa Clara, California-based Intel would support software from Scottsdale, Arizona-based JDA Software Group. The $50,000 campaign’s yield: a 9.2 percent response rate and $13 million in sales.

Results like these are causing many marketers to consider direct mail-to-landing page campaigns, and some to drill down further and provide Personalized URLs. Marketers say the direct mail captures prospects’ attention, and the landing page holds it by providing more details. Then the personalization, minimally, provides leads and, optimally, creates relationships.

Personalized URL’s were essential for the conversations that started in fall 2007 with prospects who were considering buying $500,000 to $1.5 million software suites. Customers revealed more information about themselves each time they visited their Personalized URL, which allowed HP, Intel and JDA to reciprocate and nurture them throughout the sales cycle so when customers were ready to buy, they bought the software suite the trio was offering.

“Being relevant and consistent is what separates this project from the many projects I have done in the past,” says Daniel Johnson, strategic relationship manager for Intel. “Sending specific [information] to specific people does make a huge difference. … This type of project takes good program management and it is a bit more time-intensive to set up, but the results are worth it.”

Johnson says the campaign took a month to get off the ground, then six to nine months to show results. It reached out to 2,200 people who could view case studies, videos and product information relevant to them based on their job functions — manager, director or finance officer.

With so many advertising channels out there, why not customize these campaigns to specific people? The more you know about your clientele base, the more solutions you can provide your customers. Wheeler’s uses software that allows you to design, manage, create, and organize everything marketing. Contact us today!


PH: (519) 254 – 5237


Partnering Direct Mail For Success

Case Study: Big Dee’s 

by Cindy Kilgore, contributing writer, Inside Direct Mail

Big Dee’s, an online vendor with a catalog of equine and canine items, wanted to launch a monthly mail campaign to generate subsequent purchases from current customers. It decided to use purchase history to shape the VDP message. The program was an acknowledgement and upgrade mailing to customers of the Big Dee Website and catalog who made a purchase within the previous several weeks.

Big Dee’s hadn’t previously used direct mail but decided on a direct mail solution that would both thank customers for recent orders and offer similar merchandise at a discount. Big Dee’s partnered with a direct marketing consultant to develop the business logic for the effort. Guided by data that identified “people who bought this item also bought this,” the consultant used software to match individual purchase histories with a forecast of what else that individual might purchase.

For the test phase, there were 2-3 mailings a month to 900- 1500 customers per mailing. The mailing featured dynamic content based on the buying history of each customer and a database of all SKU’s.

For the rollout, Big Dee’s decided on a simple, oversized postcard for the first cross-sell. Here are the important details:

  • Creative: The front of the postcard featured six products and their prices. The back of the card showed three more products and prices, and offered a discount for placing another order.
  • Use of Promo Code: A promo code on the postcard was required to get the discount—a process that also allowed Big Dee’s to track sales resulting directly from the postcard offer.
  • Name data: The customer’s name was used prominently in the “thank you” on the front of the postcard and to lead off the message on the back.
  • Previous purchase data: The product purchased previously and its price point was used to drive the other featured products, making the upsell attempt more powerful and effective.

RESULTS: After just one mailing, results produced $40,000 in additional sales – an ROI of over 300 percent.

Future of mailing: They are now testing a replenishment mailing. It will be sent to customers who bought a consumable product such as shampoo or vitamins with the front reminding them to refill and the back featuring three related products.

Partnering the power of Direct Mail with the ability to up sell your customers on other products and services that you provide can help produce more results and larger sales from each customer.


Wondering how to do this? Contact Wheeler’s Printing today!

(519) 254 – 5237

What I’d do if I owned a flooring company.

Suppose for a minute, that over the years as a forward thinking owner, I had complete and accurate details of all the flooring installations we have done over the years. This data includes, customer name/address, type of flooring, colour, size, what room installed in and any other observations I made about flooring in other rooms in the customer’s home and the condition those floors were in. I had decided to save this data as an EXCEL file.

The scenario– I want to solicit new business from past customers. I want to be the flooring store of choice for all my clients and be their first thought when they looked at flooring in their home and realized it was time for replacement. After all, it’s too easy for customers to choose another flooring company when it’s been years since I did an installation for them, and haven’t kept in touch.

Here’s what I’d like to do:
– send a tickler postcard to George & Mary – past clients of mine that installed blue berber carpet in their family room 8 years ago. I know from my industry that after 8 years of wear, that berber carpet will be looking tired and in certain high traffic areas be getting a very worn look to it.
– send similar ticklers to other clients like George & Mary that I know might be ready to consider flooring replacement in various rooms of their home.
– send thank you notes or cards to new customers after a recent purchase. And send out targeted relevant offers to these same new customers for replacement of flooring I observed elsewhere and made note of, in their home.
– start a referral program, targeted to existing customers that send me referrals of family or friends that they think might be in the market for new flooring. Loyalty should be rewarded.
– I want all correspondence to be versioned so that I send George & Mary a postcard with pictures of carpeting not tile. I send them a picture of an older couple on the card that they will identify with rather than a picture of a very young couple. I want to use versioning because I know the more relevant the message to George & Mary is, the more likely my message will resonate with them and “catch their eye”
– lastly I want to find out in general the future flooring needs of George & Mary (and all the other Georges & Marys in my database) and time line if they aren’t ready yet to replace that 8 year old blue berber carpeting just yet.
– find some company to do all this for me. All I’ll do is send them the EXCEL data file. I’m much too busy to do this myself, and I do not have the design talent or equipment capability in my flooring shop to do this.


Whether you own a flooring company, or any other company – business to consumer or business to business, our new Multi Channel Cross Media Marketing tools can do all this, and more! We use any or all of the following Channels: Direct Mail, eMail, SMS Texting, QR Codes, Mobile Marketing, PURL Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and others to ensure your message gets through, creating better leads that convert to sales quicker. And we can help you determine where you are wasting valuable advertising dollars.

Call us today to learn more.

Chances are, you don’t know Jack…


But you should. Your future business may depend on his purchases of your products and services. Do you know anything about what Jack likes, what attracts him, what advertising channels he actually pays attention to?

What about Jill? Do you know her career? Do you know her age, her spending habits, or the reason why she shopped at your store but has never returned?

Getting better acquainted with Jack and Jill, and other potential customers can be very expensive, yet knowing more about them can help increase your business drastically. You can also save money on advertising by learning which channels work best at attracting your target market.

For these reasons, Wheeler’s Printing and Copying created TMS (Trackable Marketing Systems). With TMS, you will be able to, with our assistance, find out information on exactly what Jack and Jill prefer when shopping at your store. Plus, TMS is your affordable option to track information on your customers to help create more relevant and targeted advertising campaigns, which can bring you more leads that can convert to sales easier and quicker.


You don’t know Jack or Jill yet, but that’s why Wheelers’ TMS is here to help you learn everything about them. Email us today at to start your TMS program!

Integrated Marketing Workshop with a LinkedIn 2.0 Bonus

Tips, Tricks & Tracks

Two local companies join forces to present a morning of interactive learning about marketing your business.  Join Lora Crestan from Solstice Group and Rick Neufeld from Wheeler’s Printing for an inspirational learning day that will move your marketing strategy in new directions.

Whether you are a beginner, wondering where to start, or a seasoned veteran looking for ways to develop new connections and expand your online reputation, learn to use LinkedIn to communicate with new prospects, enhance your brand and integrate this social media tool into your marketing strategy.

“Marketing in theory is one thing, putting it into practice takes work.  Before you build a strategy, you need to understand all the media available and how they can intersect and connect.  We are constantly evolving in what is available so this morning will help business owners understand what they can do and how to measure their success, saving them time and money in the future.” says Rick Neufeld, General Manager of Wheeler’s Printing.

This half day event will take place at the Caboto Club on Thursday April 26th, 2012 from 8:30 am – 11:30 am.  The agenda includes a refresher on LinkedIn by Ms. Crestan, a learning session on using multi-media tools to expand your brand reach and create a measurable track for your marketing plan from Mr. Neufeld and then an extension of LinkedIn with a 2.0 discussion and activity wrapping it all up.

“LinkedIn is a key to success for many professionals.  Understanding how to use this tool can expand your reach globally.  I have had personal success with this and want to share my process to help others be successful.  The 2.0 part of the day includes building a company page, status updates that work, group interaction that makes sense and measurement of your profile’s reach.” says Lora Crestan – Leadership Coach, Solstice Group.

So, if you want to learn what the best way is to spend your marketing dollars? Is it traditional methods such as direct mail or by mass media such as magazine ads, billboards or T.V.? With so many social media sites emerging everyday, is that where you should focus your marketing efforts? The correct answer is all of the above – Neufeld and Crestan will show you how to integrate all of them into your marketing efforts.

Early bird tickets $35 until April 18th, 2012.  Seats are limited  – laptop or tablet required to get the best benefit out of this morning session.  For more information call 519-735-6820.
Also use our #tttwindsor in your Twitter posts.

Tickets for Tips, Tricks & Tracks are on sale now at

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