Tips, Tricks & Tracks

Two local companies join forces to present a morning of interactive learning about marketing your business.  Join Lora Crestan from Solstice Group and Rick Neufeld from Wheeler’s Printing for an inspirational learning day that will move your marketing strategy in new directions.

Whether you are a beginner, wondering where to start, or a seasoned veteran looking for ways to develop new connections and expand your online reputation, learn to use LinkedIn to communicate with new prospects, enhance your brand and integrate this social media tool into your marketing strategy.

“Marketing in theory is one thing, putting it into practice takes work.  Before you build a strategy, you need to understand all the media available and how they can intersect and connect.  We are constantly evolving in what is available so this morning will help business owners understand what they can do and how to measure their success, saving them time and money in the future.” says Rick Neufeld, General Manager of Wheeler’s Printing.

This half day event will take place at the Caboto Club on Thursday April 26th, 2012 from 8:30 am – 11:30 am.  The agenda includes a refresher on LinkedIn by Ms. Crestan, a learning session on using multi-media tools to expand your brand reach and create a measurable track for your marketing plan from Mr. Neufeld and then an extension of LinkedIn with a 2.0 discussion and activity wrapping it all up.

“LinkedIn is a key to success for many professionals.  Understanding how to use this tool can expand your reach globally.  I have had personal success with this and want to share my process to help others be successful.  The 2.0 part of the day includes building a company page, status updates that work, group interaction that makes sense and measurement of your profile’s reach.” says Lora Crestan – Leadership Coach, Solstice Group.

So, if you want to learn what the best way is to spend your marketing dollars? Is it traditional methods such as direct mail or by mass media such as magazine ads, billboards or T.V.? With so many social media sites emerging everyday, is that where you should focus your marketing efforts? The correct answer is all of the above – Neufeld and Crestan will show you how to integrate all of them into your marketing efforts.

Early bird tickets $35 until April 18th, 2012.  Seats are limited  – laptop or tablet required to get the best benefit out of this morning session.  For more information call 519-735-6820.
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