Suppose for a minute, that over the years as a forward thinking owner, I had complete and accurate details of all the flooring installations we have done over the years. This data includes, customer name/address, type of flooring, colour, size, what room installed in and any other observations I made about flooring in other rooms in the customer’s home and the condition those floors were in. I had decided to save this data as an EXCEL file.

The scenario– I want to solicit new business from past customers. I want to be the flooring store of choice for all my clients and be their first thought when they looked at flooring in their home and realized it was time for replacement. After all, it’s too easy for customers to choose another flooring company when it’s been years since I did an installation for them, and haven’t kept in touch.

Here’s what I’d like to do:
– send a tickler postcard to George & Mary – past clients of mine that installed blue berber carpet in their family room 8 years ago. I know from my industry that after 8 years of wear, that berber carpet will be looking tired and in certain high traffic areas be getting a very worn look to it.
– send similar ticklers to other clients like George & Mary that I know might be ready to consider flooring replacement in various rooms of their home.
– send thank you notes or cards to new customers after a recent purchase. And send out targeted relevant offers to these same new customers for replacement of flooring I observed elsewhere and made note of, in their home.
– start a referral program, targeted to existing customers that send me referrals of family or friends that they think might be in the market for new flooring. Loyalty should be rewarded.
– I want all correspondence to be versioned so that I send George & Mary a postcard with pictures of carpeting not tile. I send them a picture of an older couple on the card that they will identify with rather than a picture of a very young couple. I want to use versioning because I know the more relevant the message to George & Mary is, the more likely my message will resonate with them and “catch their eye”
– lastly I want to find out in general the future flooring needs of George & Mary (and all the other Georges & Marys in my database) and time line if they aren’t ready yet to replace that 8 year old blue berber carpeting just yet.
– find some company to do all this for me. All I’ll do is send them the EXCEL data file. I’m much too busy to do this myself, and I do not have the design talent or equipment capability in my flooring shop to do this.


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