My name is Frank, and I own FWJ Men’s Store located at 6th and Broadway. We’ve been in business for 11 years now, and I need marketing help.

Year’s ago, I knew that my store had to be different from the existing competition. I should zero in on a niche and strive to become the leading purveyor of that type of men’s wear in town.

Suppose for example, I specialized in unique dressy-casual wear. Shirts, pants, and outer wear that you won’t find at big department stores or discount retailers. My clientele over the years has come to appreciate my smaller store’s selection of exclusive lines of clothing, the personalized service we give, and the fact that as you enter my store, you are greeted by first name.

But, I’ve noticed a number of my regulars haven’t been coming in as often. Whereas Jack came in once a quarter to check out new arrivals, I haven’t seen him lately, and now that I think of it, I don’t know when he was in last because I have no process in place to easily record visits by customer name. I shake my head and realize I should have given Jack a quick phone call just to say hi and tell him some of the new styles that have arrived. I’d send him an email to do just this, but I don’t have his or any customer’s emails on record. In fact I don’t really have any data about Jack or others that I get business from, except first name and home address.


I’d like to:

– start a process to gather more complete information about the Jacks that come in. Data like email address and how they prefer to be communicated to, (by mail, email or other).

– knowing their birthdays would be handy because I want to start sending out birthday cards with special discounts to customers that come in and purchase anytime during their birthday week.

– I want my customers to become advocates for my shop – telling all their family and friends what a super place this is to see and purchase unique men’s clothing.

– it would be nice to know where else in town my clients shop for clothing. Places that may be considered similar to my store, and why my customers shop there, and not with me exclusively.

– it would be nice to even update my data by filling in the last names to those customers that I only know by first name, like Jack, he’s been shopping here for at least 9 years and after all this time I’m now too embarrassed to ask him what his last name is.

– it would be beneficial to re-start business with Jack or George or Sam or any customer I haven’t seen for awhile and keep better track of the frequency of their visits so time doesn’t lapse too long between their visits without some form of communication from me personally that they are missed.

I just don’t know where to begin.

Enter Wheeler’s…. Our Multi Channel Cross Media Marketing tools can help with all this store owner’s goals—and more. After meeting with Frank the store owner, we’ll custom design Integrated Campaigns that will use all or some of the following; personalized websites for the customer to enter information and be told of the latest fashions arriving complete with pictures, email campaigns with or without a direct mail component to announce sales or the arrival of new merchandise, unique and very personalized birthday cards (and any other greeting card themes such as Christmas cards), Social Media Marketing for the store owner may be utilized to develop a BUZZ about FWJ Men’s Store, we can help coordinate videos that can be uploaded to FWJ ‘s very own YouTube Channel and we may suggest establishing opportunities for the customer to share their birthday discounts with family & friends who may not currently shop at the store. Perhaps the customer prefers to get text messages of new arrivals—we can set this up too for the store owner.

Whether it’s a men’s or ladies store, or any other retail type of operation, Wheeler’s can help.

So call us today – PH: (519) 254 – 5237