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7 Terrific Twitter Tips To Use Today

From by Lisa Barone

Sometimes we want advice for the right now of life. We want stuff we can do today and immediately see results from, not have to wait three weeks to see if it’s taking effect. With that in mind, below are seven things you can do on Twitter today to make a difference and help grow your audience and following. Its bite-sized action chunks for your Wednesday.

Got a spoon?

1. Schedule your tweeting: For most of us, checking Twitter is part of our routine. We do it first thing in the morning, after lunch and maybe again for a few minutes in the afternoon. And this is why scheduling your tweets when you know your audience is there and waiting is such a good idea. “Scheduling” your tweets may simply mean picking which times of the day you’ll be around for conversation and making an appointment with yourself or it may mean using a tool like HootSuite to help you automatically tweet instead of doing it manually. Either way, what’s important is that you’re engaging with your fans when they’re waiting to be engaged with.

2. Find some cool followers: Why not make some new friends today? Use a tool like FollowerWonk, take ten minutes, and find five new people to follow. These can be people who are in your area, share a common passion, or who you see tweeting about your competitors. Follow them and say hello. Say nothing about what you do or the products you sell and just start a conversation like a regular person. Sounds crazy, right? It’s really not. That’s how relationships form.

3. Know your audience: It’s important to know who your target audience is on Twitter so you can be sure to share information/content that they’re interested in. If your audience is known for being an expert on a particular subject, then you don’t want to tweet beginner tutorials or too many How Tos at them. Or, conversely, if they’re just learning how to speak a new language, you don’t want to go too far over their head about conversational Spanish. By taking the time to create a developed user profile for your audience, it can help you tweet information that is relevant to their interests and wants.

4. Share news: Are you subscribed to any blogs or RSS feeds to help you stay up to date on important information related to your niche? If yes, share one piece of content today that really made you think, made you angry, or made you want to take some sort of action. If you’re not already subscribed, use a feed reader like Google Reader to help you stay up to date on your favorite blogs and always have something tweet-worthy to share with your audience.

5. Solve a problem: After lunch take another few minutes and perform some Twitter searches. Search for things like[keyword phrase + problem] or [help + keyword] to find people talking about a problem that your business can solve. Once you find the tweets, share a relevant link or a resource with them that may help with them with their problem. Or, if you don’t have an answer yourself, retweet their message and see if anyone else in your network can help.

6. Tweet tips: Boost your credibility among your followings by tweeting tips today related to your industry. Share tools, resource sites, helpful followers, ideas, strategies or anything else you think will be helpful to someone in your niche.

7. Tweet your goods more than once: One fatal mistake many SMBs make is that they tweet their content the moment they publish it…and then they never tweet it again. If you’ve just created something awesome, don’t be afraid to tweet it 2-3 times over the course of the day to help get as many eyeballs on it as possible. Most people don’t stay glued to their Twitter stream the entire day, they’re only checking in.

Those are seven things anyone can do right now, today, to make a difference in their tweeting strategy and increase engagement. So…what are you waiting for?


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AZ-Antimicrobial Pens Now Available!

An antimicrobial preservative incorporated into the pen, protects it by suppressing growth on the pen of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew.

The chemical composition of the AZ-Antimicrobial additive includes Silver and Zinc.  In the Periodic Table of Elements, the symbol for Silver is Ag and the symbol for Zinc is Zn. BIC Graphic paired the first letter of these two symbols to create the name AZ-Antimicrobial.

The EPA registered antimicrobial additive is molded directly into the pen’s plastic components during BIC Graphic’s production process, ensuring BIC world-class quality.  Competitively priced and in popular colors for a variety of industries, the BIC® Clic Stic®  and BIC® Round Stic® AZ-Antimicrobial pens are great for healthcare facilities, pharmacies, health fairs, hotels, banks, school or office events, retail and more.

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Ca$h Mob of Wind$or!

Written by: Josh Wheeler
Business Developer at Wheeler’s


Yet another company is soon to be mobbed by participants willing to support local Windsor businesses. Ca$h Mob of Wind$or, Wheeler’s Printing, and companies all over Walkerville are supporting this next event!

On April 26th, 2012, Girard & Company (see picture) was mobbed by our Ca$h Mob members! Droves of people showed up to help support the local flower and gift shop by spending a minimum of $20, resulting in over $1000 in one day sales! But the value was not just in the one time purchases, but in the exposure that Girard & Company received by being mobbed by well over 50 people. Parents, children, brothers, sisters, cousins, and everyone in between showed up to promote how wonderful Windsor businesses really are.

Wheeler’s is doing its part to help support local businesses. With every dollar spent at a Ca$h Mob event, Wheeler’s will give $0.20 back to the mobbed company for promotional products! Plus, every member of the Ca$h Mob will receive free handouts while mobbing the unsuspecting company.

The next Ca$h Mob event is this Saturday, May 26th at 3:00pm. We are meeting at the corner of Kildare and Wyandotte to plan our mobbing!

Thanks to all of the participants in advance for helping us show how amazing Windsor is!

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Tips on Interactive Marketing Using SMS Text Messages


In this article, we’ll cover information and tips on interactive marketing using SMS text messages to help those businesses and organizations that are looking for a new and more effective way to market to their customers.

If you are looking to expand or grow your business through an effective means of marketing to reach out to your customers and build your clientele list, you might want to consider using a text message marketing campaign to do so. There are a lot of reasons to use mass text messaging to reach out to existing and potential customers as a way to spread the word about new promotions, discounts and other events and happenings. To effectively use text marketing, it is pretty easy. However, keeping in mind these tips on interactive marketing using SMS text messages is a great way to get started with this new and innovative method of marketing. Keep reading to learn more about how you can use text marketing to effectively build your company or business.

To get the most out of your mobile marketing campaign, you need to know how to use it properly to get the biggest return on your marketing investment. First, let’s get a clear understanding of how an interactive text marketing campaign using SMS messaging works and how you can make it work for your business. To start, you will need to establish a list of opted-in contacts (individuals that have agreed to receive text messages). From there, you can create your message within the allotted number of characters and send your contacts information about promotions, discounts, upcoming events for your company, appointment reminds and more. There are tons of possibilities when it comes to using your text marketing service. However, there are a couple of ways you can use the service more effectively to see a bigger return from your customers.


First, know your audience. You will likely already know the type of customer or text message recipient that has signed-up for your service since it must be done on an opt-in basis in order to stay compliant with the Mobile Marketing Association. If you are able to appropriate your text marketing messages so they are eye-catching, short and easy to remember, as well as directed to the type of customer you are looking to attract to your business, you are likely to see this marketing method as more effective. Because text messaging can be a very personalized method of communication, don’t be afraid to make your messages seem very personalized. As soon as you’re text marketing campaign appears to be like SPAM, your message will get immediately trashed and the recipient will not even remember what it said. Make sure you are writing the message in a fun way they will want to read and remember what it says.

Next, choose your keyword for SMS wisely. This is the word your text marketing participants will be using to opt-in to your text marketing service. For example, if you run a pizza parlor and you want to offer customers 10 percent off on their next pizza to get them to opt-in to your text marketing campaign, you can choose something like Pizza or Pepperoni as your keyword. This is a keyword that relates directly to your business and it also easy to remember when your customers are interested in opting-in to receive text marketing messages from you. Also, along these same lines remember that it is important to keep it short. Because those character spaces are valuable parts of your message, make sure your keyword is short, simple, catchy and easy to remember.

Lastly, another important tip on interactive marketing with text messaging to remember is to publicize the fact that you have text marketing available and want to use it to reach out to your customers. Let your customers know that you have a text marketing campaign that they can opt-in to in order to receive discounts on awesome products and services, promotion and event information and more!

You can do this by putting up flyers in your store, posters, radio ads, commercials on TV, banner ads on the web and even do a blurb about it on your own website online. Let your customers know about your short code and how they can use that code, along with your keyword to opt-in to your text marketing service. These are all effective ways you can build your business using an interactive method of marketing like SMS messaging.

Element Promotional Pen on Sale

One of our most popular pens is on sale now through August 31, 2012!Element Pen on Sale till August 31, 2012

Translucent corporate colours with a grip make this a great pen for your next promotion!

Mechanism: Plunger Action

Ink Color/Point Style: Black or blue ink with medium point (Black ink will be provided unless specified)



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Solving the Difficulties of Your Small Business Marketing

Written by: Josh Wheeler
Project Developer at Wheeler’s

Being in business for over 18 years, Wheeler’s knows its way around the marketing, promoting and advertising business. But, as we change from being just a print shop to developing products and services that solve your small businesses major issues, we’re realizing the solutions we are creating are paying off more than we could imagine.

For example; one new product that we will be introducing at the end of the month is EM (Everything Marketing). Simply put, it is THE solution for small businesses marketing efforts. Large companies have been tracking their customers’ information for years. They pay tens of thousands of dollars to organize, store, and develop new targeted marketing campaigns that use the information recorded about their clientele. But where does that leave your company with a budget much smaller than Walmart’s or Best Buy’s? Wheeler’s sees this as a problem that needs to be fixed!

With EM, and the help of Wheeler’s staff, you can use our software to help track, manage, organize and develop new marketing campaigns that will allow you to judge the success rate yourself.

There are many questions when doing marketing campaigns that you would like answered, but with every question comes another dollar spent on expensive ways of tracking that information. Some of those questions include; was the campaign successful? How do you know? What do you know about the people that have seen your advertising? Do you know what ways are the most effective at reaching them? Wheeler’s EM can help you answer all these questions and more, without the worry of spending thousands of dollars.

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Solving the difficulties of your small business marketing.


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Cash Mob Windsor Video Updates – May 26, 2012

Just wanted to share some neat videos that were posted by some participants! We love the community involvement!

Watch the videos and make sure you make it out June 23 for the next Cash Mob – Stay tuned for more information as the date gets closer! Don’t forget to share the videos and help spread the word!

Cash Mob May 26, 2012 at hodge podge


Cash Mob April 26, 2012 at Girard & Company Flowers

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