An antimicrobial preservative incorporated into the pen, protects it by suppressing growth on the pen of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew.

The chemical composition of the AZ-Antimicrobial additive includes Silver and Zinc.  In the Periodic Table of Elements, the symbol for Silver is Ag and the symbol for Zinc is Zn. BIC Graphic paired the first letter of these two symbols to create the name AZ-Antimicrobial.

The EPA registered antimicrobial additive is molded directly into the pen’s plastic components during BIC Graphic’s production process, ensuring BIC world-class quality.  Competitively priced and in popular colors for a variety of industries, the BIC® Clic Stic®  and BIC® Round Stic® AZ-Antimicrobial pens are great for healthcare facilities, pharmacies, health fairs, hotels, banks, school or office events, retail and more.

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