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Benefits of direct mail marketing are legion

The Perfect Direct Mail Piece in Twelve Easy Steps

There are as many theories about direct mail as there are direct mail companies. The main trick is to keep your communications hard hitting and flowing. Here are the twelve steps to a successful direct mail piece.

1. Target your audience carefully. Sales are directly related to how accurately you can identify your most likely customers.

2. Use the “you” word as often as you can. Direct Marketer Bob Serling, in his book Direct Marketing Hotseat, suggests you use “you” four times as often as you use “I”.

3. Send your letter under the “President’s” signature. People prefer to deal with the person in charge. Build and foster your relationship with your customer in all your sales materials.

4. Make a charter offer. People like getting in on the ground floor of an enterprise. Charter offers have strong pulling power.

5. Create a continuity program, like “the Fruit of the Month Club.” You can be sure of sales every month. Start your customers slowly with a trial membership so they can see how the program works without making a large investment.

6. Offer multiple versions of the same product. A “good” — “better” — “best” (or best buy) strategy or a “standard” — “deluxe” — “super deluxe” strategy allows people to make choices. Use these variances instead of a “take this product or leave it” offer.

7. Make your envelope work for you. Put a message on it like “Here’s some inside information.” Words like “free,” “new,” “announcing” and “important dated material” also motivate people to open the envelope.

8. Use reply cards and make the 800 number large. Make it easy for people to order or call for more information.

9. Use odd sized envelopes and experiment with textured papers. They make your mailing piece stand out from the crowd.

10. Test one variable at a time and use the results of the mailing for future mailings. Keep close track on who’s buying from what ad.

11. Remember, the consumer has not actually touched the product. They’re taking your word that the product is good and will be delivered in a timely manner. Offer free help lines and a super-strong guaranty.

12. Create a headline like you might find in a tabloid newspaper. Headlines can make or break a direct mail postcard. So don’t settle for your first attempt. Even professional copywriters rarely hit the mark on the first try.


Direct Mail can be a very efficient way of creating new leads, educating clients, and promoting new products and services. Wheeler’s makes it easy to produce beautiful and effective Direct Mail pieces.

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