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July 2012 Cash Mob a Success – Thanks to You!


Now that July is coming to an end, it also means another successful Cash Mob has come and gone. This month, the lucky store to get mobbed was Blak’s Bakery. Chances are that if you’ve had a Paszki here in Windsor, you have already experienced the delightful expertise of Blak’s Bakery and you might not even know it! Around for nearly 100 years at the same location, this family business has provided Windsorites with baked good for almost a century – that is pretty amazing! Sitting down with Tony Blak and talking about some of the history their building holds – how his father started the business and what his business model was compared to today’s was very interesting. Could you imagine door-to-door bread delivery by horse and buggy? That is how it used to be done.

I’d encourage everyone to head over to Blak’s Bakery and pickup some baked goods, support a local business and let’s make sure they are around for another 100 years!

Please consider the environment before printing – Blah, Blah, Blah

     You’ve seen this kind of comment at the bottom of some emails you get, haven’t you? While I applaud the desire of some to save trees wherever possible, I think the comment “Please consider the environment before printing this email” is a bit misleading. No, actually it’s a lot misleading. And we’re offering a document – yes printed on paper – that discusses the mis-beliefs and half-truths of the environmental impact of the print industry.

(click picture to enlarge)

This primer is yours for the asking – FREE of course, you simply ask for a copy by either calling us at 519-254-5237 or emailing me at

This booklet is produced by the Printing Industries of America.

Cash Mob T-Shirts Now Available – Support Your Local Cash Mob!

Ever since the first Cash Mob event in March 2012, Cash Mob Windsor has been getting more and more support! Now, 4 months later, we are proud to introduce the official Ca$h Mob Windsor T-shirts! Getting your very own shirt is relatively easy as well! Simply contact Ca$h Mob Windsor through their facebook page or you can contact Kelly Ouellette directly here. All proceeds go back into the Ca$h Mob Windsor program to help spread the word!

Cash Mob Windsor T-shirts Now Available!

Your next chance to become a Mobster is July 28 @ 9pm. We will meet at the corner of Erie and Parent. I hope to see you there – make sure to say hello!

Thank you for your ongoing support everyone!

-Rick Neufeld


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Ten reasons to Add Calendars to Your Marketing Mix:

1. Visual appeal for your brand

2. Command of wall or desk space

3. Controlled, targeted distribution

4. Remarkable cost-effectiveness

5. Creative design to fit your brand

6. Year-long high-frequency visibility

7. High-perceived-value for gift giving

8. Useful for personal record-keeping

9. Business people use an average of 2.5 calendars

10. Versatile styles, colours, formats and designs

Did you know? On average a person looks at a calendar 12 times a day, 84 times a week. After 365 days, your brand will leave a definite impression 4,380 times!


Call our shop today to get more information including a FREE catalogue of formats and themes. – 519-254-5237 Or email me at

Maximize Social Media Marketing with QR Codes

by James Alexander (@getvizibility) from


QR (quick response) codes are a major marketing trend. You may have noticed the ubiquitous contrasting-colour squares on items as diverse as ketchup bottles, movie posters and business cards. The codes can be scanned with a smartphone to direct users to online content.

According to social news blog Mashable, more than 14 million people in the US scanned a QR code in June of 2011. Marketing trends come and go, but QR codes seem well positioned to grow in use for a couple of reasons. First, the number of smartphone users in the US currently exceeds 140 million and is expected to grow. Second, the content to which QR codes direct readers is not static, so it can be kept relevant and timely.

QR Codes and Social Media

Another factor that may add to QR codes’ staying power is their compatibility with social media tools, which remain a force in corporate communications strategies. Fortune 500 companies’ use of Facebook increased in 2011 to 60 percent, a slight uptick from the 58 percent using Facebook in 2010. Of Fortune 500 companies that maintain Twitter accounts, 62 percent posted tweets within the last 30 days according to Fortune Magazine.

QR code use is also growing, and not just with large companies making direct consumer goods pitches. The trend is catching on in professional services marketing sectors and among individuals seeking to connect with customers or potential employers. While product packaging, magazine and newspaper placement account for most scanned QR codes, more than 13 percent were scanned from business cards or brochures.

Mobile Optimized Marketing

The fact that QR codes are primarily a mobile tool also contributes to their relevance for marketing and social media interaction purposes. About half of all online searches now originate on a smartphone, so it’s important for individuals and businesses to provide information in mobile-optimized form.

QR codes can be a great avenue to a mobile site. A word of caution, however: if you use a QR code, make sure the URL to which it leads is optimized for mobile viewing. QR codes convey a tech-savvy image, but that can be immediately negated if the scan leads a user to a site that isn’t optimized for mobile devices.

Incorporating QR Codes into Your Social Media Strategy

If you plan on using QR codes to enhance your social media strategy, it’s a good idea to keep it simple.

An effective approach is to provide a vCard, curated Google results and links to your social media networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. If you maintain a customer-facing blog or share video content about your business, you can also provide links to that material.

Unlike printed collateral, the information at the URL linked to your QR code can be updated, so you can provide fresh content as your focus changes.

As you think about adding QR codes to your marketing toolkit, make sure you partner with a QR code specialist who offers ease of administration as you generate and manage your QR code campaign. Assess a potential partner’s ability to maximize social network connections to help you take business networking to a higher level. With the right strategy, QR codes can be a powerful new dimension in customer communications.

Wheeler’s Printing & Copying
Address: 1685 Windsor Ave
Phone: (519) 254-5237

QR Code Well Executed

While out driving this past week I found myself in an area of town with new home construction happening all around. These were high end homes, exclusive one of a kind models with no two the same. In front of one construction site in particular, I saw the builder’s sign. Seen here.

(click on pictures to enlarge in new window)

Scanning the QR code on the sign I fully expected to be linked to their desk top sized web site, but I was taken aback when the scanning resolved to a well thought out mobile sized site. Home page below.

Clicking on any of the menu buttons took me to a well planned and executed page depicting other properties built – pictures, which in turn when touched brought me to additional pictures of that home model.






Other pages took me to info about the builder / designer, the contact info and a whole slew of more info. Had I the desire(or cash) I could have instantly linked to the builder to discussing our dream home. The whole purpose of adding QR codes to signage, brochures, business cards, etc. Is tp provide real additional and usable information to the person doing the scanning. Too often the scanned code goes to a desk top sized web site – difficult to read, scroll around and navigate on a typical 2″ x 4″ smartphone screen.

Well done Sergio Bertucci!

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