While out driving this past week I found myself in an area of town with new home construction happening all around. These were high end homes, exclusive one of a kind models with no two the same. In front of one construction site in particular, I saw the builder’s sign. Seen here.

(click on pictures to enlarge in new window)

Scanning the QR code on the sign I fully expected to be linked to their desk top sized web site, but I was taken aback when the scanning resolved to a well thought out mobile sized site. Home page below.

Clicking on any of the menu buttons took me to a well planned and executed page depicting other properties built – pictures, which in turn when touched brought me to additional pictures of that home model.






Other pages took me to info about the builder / designer, the contact info and a whole slew of more info. Had I the desire(or cash) I could have instantly linked to the builder to discussing our dream home. The whole purpose of adding QR codes to signage, brochures, business cards, etc. Is tp provide real additional and usable information to the person doing the scanning. Too often the scanned code goes to a desk top sized web site – difficult to read, scroll around and navigate on a typical 2″ x 4″ smartphone screen.

Well done Sergio Bertucci!