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You Don’t Need Big Data for Personalized URLs (aka PURLs)

If you have not yet used personalized URLs to boost response rates and survey your customers, what is stopping you? Is it because you don’t have a database to deploy the campaign? If so, you might have a misconception about the way personalized URLs work.

While there are some campaigns that use detailed customer and prospect databases to create very sophisticated, highly personalized mini-sites, these are the exception. Most personalized URL campaigns are used for lead generation and can start with a simple mailing list, whether in-house or rented. The purpose is to use those initial contacts to develop a more sophisticated database for later.

Personalized URL campaigns really shine as a data-gathering technique. Success is all about how you use that all-important survey page. You might survey respondents about pain points in their business, their preferences in electronic gadgets, or their political opinions. The goal is to gather whatever information will best suit your larger campaign goals.

One marketer, for example, experienced a 74% sales conversion rate following its personalized URL campaign because it used the personalized URLs to survey its prospects on their pain points before making personal contact. This put its salespeople in a position to suggest the appropriate programs right away—during the initial meeting—making those contacts highly effective.

So don’t allow lack of databases to be a barrier to implementing personalized URL applications. Instead, look at these campaigns as tools that allow you to gather information to increase the effectiveness of your sales follow-ups or to improve your targeting the next time around.

Call us today for more information including examples of actual PURLs in use. Why not?

Planning Your Next Print Project

Most successful printing projects don’t happen by accident. They start with a good plan. By developing a plan in advance, you can save money, time, and energy throughout the process.

Good project planning starts with some very simple steps.

1. Share your design with us.For a FREE review of your design, simply upload a PDF file to HERE

By bringing us into the process during the design stages, we can tell you whether certain ideas will have an impact on the time or cost of the piece. For example, you might not realize that some binding options can take extra time or that a certain trim size might incur extra costs.

2. Consider your suppliers’ schedules.

Are you bringing outside suppliers into the process? If so, how do their schedules impact yours? If you are using a freelance illustrator, for example, what is this person’s availability? If changes need to be made later on, will this person be able to respond in a timely fashion on a short turnaround? If you’re placing a label on a specialty bottle, will the bottle company have sufficient supply during your time-frame?

3. Plan backwards from the delivery date.

Keep us informed about your progress. We juggle many jobs at any given time. If you don’t meet your date to get the files to us, your delay can have a ripple effect. We might place another job on the press in front of yours, and have to push your project back to the next available opening. The larger the job, often the more difficult it is to reschedule.

4. Add a “fudge factor.”

Always add in buffer to accommodate slippage in the schedule. The larger the project, the more buffer you will need.

5. Communicate!

Keep people in the loop, and let them when you need the job in your hands. When everyone is communicating effectively and working toward the same goal, you are more likely to be rewarded with a project that comes in on time and on budget.

Your customers are worth a “mint” to you – aren’t they?

So, wouldn’t it be great to have a little something with your company name on it, that you could hand out to customers and prospects? Something besides a business card? Especially at networking events…

Well we have just the ticket for you – little tins of mints and candies such as you see here in the picture below. The tins are printed in one or multi colour with any message you want on them And there is a wide range of mint flavors and/or candies that can go inside.

Not nuts about mints? Then how about nuts? Or chocolates, or “bon-bons” as my grandmother used to say. Wheeler’s has many suppliers we can go to that can provide all sorts (yes licorice all-sorts too) of treats that come in a broad range of containers, that will be appreciated by all that receive your gift.

So, call us today to explore the wide world of promotional products we can provide to help keep your company’s name T.O.M. (Top of Mind) with customers.


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QR Codes are everywhere

So, have you been noticing more QR codes in your travels? Have you scanned any?


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