I happened to be in to my neighborhood Home Hardware and there sitting on the checkout counter was a pad of paper with tear-off slips with a big QR code on them. See below.

HardwareScanUpon scanning the code I landed on a nicely organized Landing Page welcoming me to the Daily Gift Card Giveaway contest the hardware chain was having for the month of March.

What worked perfectly about this campaign was that the Welcome Page and subsequent pages were mobile friendly, scaled to fit a smaller tablet or smartphone screen. After signing up to the contest. I immediately received an acknowledging email, thanking me for participating in the contest. The site also allowed me to browse sale items the chain had on sale this month.. Too often marketers do not give enough thought to where and on what device the person scanning the code will be viewing the campaign. How many times have we all seen a full desk top sized web site scrunched down to a smartphone sized window. Too much work for me to scroll, pinch or zoom to read the message and I simply log off.

Nice job Home Hardware!!