I’ve had a number of inquiries about Direct Mail Campaigns – you know Direct Mail (DM) is the only channel capable of reaching your intended audience – it’s Canadian law, that once a piece is put into the Canada Post mail System, it must get to the destination – no ifs, ands or buts.

Can email do that? Well email has some problems of it’s own – it could be blocked by computer firewalls, or by spam blockers, it could get accidentally routed to the Junk folder or among a bunch of other spam emails and accidentally deleted. Besides, email addresses change all the time – a physical mailing address exists forever, unless the place is torn down.

So – some general information about Direct Mail (from the Canada Post point of view):

There are two general types of DM – addressed and unaddressed.

a) Unaddressed – sometimes known as householder mail, is, as the name implies NOT addressed to anyone in particular at the destination address. In Canada our postal codes look like this N8X 3M5 – the first 3 digits (N8X in my example) refers to the FSA portion of the postal code. Canada is divided into hundreds of FSA areas, which in turn are divided into many Letter Carrier Walks (LCW). Within a FSA there are 4 possible points of contact – homes, apartments, businesses and farm. A marketer can choose to target any one or combination of these 4 contact points.

— do you need to mail to an entire FSA? No. But what you must mail to is at least one complete LCW within the chosen FSA. Current postage rate is (June 2014) 17 cents.


b) Addressed – this implies that each piece mailed will be addressed to someone – such as to me:

Mr. Cary Wheeler, 1685 Windsor Ave., Windsor ON N8X 3M5

In this case in order to get a reduced Canada Post postage rate you must have a minimum of 1,000 pieces addressed and mailed and going into the Canada Post system all at the same time. Although the postage is more (June 2014 rate at 43 cents) studies have shown that an addressed piece returns more responses than an unaddressed mailing. However, either you or our company will need to supply the mailing list from which to address the mailed pieces. (Call us to discuss formatting of your own “house list” or to explore Wheeler’s purchasing a mailing list on your behalf.)

So what pulls better? A postcard or an envelope stuffed with offers? Rather than answer that question – because there are too many variables involved to answer correctly – think of this >> a postcard does not require the expense of the envelope, the expense of printing on the envelope, the expense of folding, inserting and sealing the envelope.

You should be always asking yourself – what is the purpose of this campaign? To sell a product or service? To gather leads for your sales staff? To announce something new in your company, or expansion or change of address.

There are unique tools Wheeler’s Printing can offer you that will increase response rates and at the same time gather valuable information for future campaigns that will lead to quicker sales closings and/or savings by eliminating wasted mailings to prospects that may never buy your products or services. Call us today to learn more.

One final bit of information – Wheeler’s Printing is completely fluent in Canada Post Direct Mail Campaign structure – we know how C.P. wants the items bundled, and labelled, we know how to prepare electronic documentation to process your mailing and save you added costs in postage, and we know all the regulations to save you extra postage costs and printing costs.

Wheeler’s has been doing DM Campaigns through Canada Post since 1994.

Still have questions – call me – Cary Wheeler – 519-254-5237