When we think about colour in print marketing and direct mail, we think about stunning images and eye-catching graphics. But colour packs a punch in letters, product brochures, and other text-heavy documents, too. What makes colour so powerful?

Here are just a few of the benefits that colour provides:

  • Increases recall dramatically. Studies show that colour increases recalls in the 80% range.
  • Gets attention. People are about 40% more likely to select or read materials when they are in colour.
  • Helps readers find information more easily. This is great for insurance policies, contracts, and other lengthy documents.
  • Reduces errors. Highlight instructions or account information to help people get it right the first time.
  • Slashes payment time. Highlight the amount owed and the due date with colour and watch your invoices get paid faster!
  • Increase the ability of readers to understand and retain information. This is great news for your sales presentations.

When you want to draw your readers’ attention to something or when you need to draw out an immediate response, you can’t beat the use of colour. Make phone numbers or payment information stand out in a letter. Highlight discounts in a brightly coloured star-burst. Use arrows or coloured bullets to focus attention on key points in a brochure.

Looking for ways to incorporate more colour into your direct mail or marketing collateral?

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