“The Cheque is in the Mail”

Not this one…. I bet you didn’t know we can produce BIG CHEQUES for presentation purposes. Say your organization is donating some money to another group and you want to make a big splash out of it. Maybe the press will be there, local dignitaries, maybe the Prime Minister!!

(Why not do some promoting of your philanthropy? It’s only through your generosity that that group is getting your money).

We can produce presentation cheques in virtually any size – printed full colour on thick coroplast or foamcore material – the one I am holding in this picture is 16″ x 36″

Give me a dingle the next time you are making a monetary presentation – BIG CHEQUES build good will and are frequently hung on the walls of the recipient group – thereby giving more exposure for your brand.         (Click image to enlarge)


April 26, 2013 – Tips, Tricks & Tracks Workshop

For more information, visit or click this image

The next Tips, Tricks & Tracks is scheduled for April 26, 2013 at The Caboto Club in Windsor. Get your early bird tickets now – seating is limited so reserve your spot today!

Visit for more information about the workshop.

To purchase tickets, use the Eventbrite form below to process your transaction securely:


Congratulations Frank Fazio


     Congratulations to our Samsung Galaxy Tab winner, Frank Fazio from SafeGuard (see photograph), who won the brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1 inch). Filling out our simple survey, we were able to learn a little more about how Frank tracks his success when advertising his business! Thanks again for your participation!

     With your help, Wheeler’s was able to give away $500 to local non profit organizations. Wheeler’s was also able to find out how your companies in your community interact with the great customer base we have in Windsor. With the participation of our clients, we are able to make more companies successful in marketing and advertising!


Thank you again for everyone’s support.

Wheeler’s Printing & Copying
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CPGs step up their mobile marketing game

by Chantal Tode  from


Consumer packaged goods companies are starting to get more innovative in using mobile applications, rich media ads and QR codes to have a more direct relationship with consumers.

For the most part, CPGs have been slow to adopt mobile marketing with the exception of a few visionaries such as Procter & Gamble and Unilever. This is starting to change, with a wider group of marketers starting to embrace mobile while some of the early adopters are stepping up their game.

“A majority of CPGs are slowly experimenting with mobile while others who started early are seeing the return and continuing to invest heavily in the channel,” said Dirk Rients, management director for mobile at Draftfcb, Chicago.

“CPGs are taking a closer look at mobile because consumers are constantly turning to their mobile devices to make purchases or help them shop while in-store,” he said.

“Unfortunately we still see a majority of CPG brands view mobile as its own separate channel while others are integrating mobile into their overall strategy allowing for an engaging experience at scale.”


APP Happy

It is because of the growth in smartphone adoption and the strength of initial results that companies such as Kraft, Johnson & Johnson and Kellogg are beginning to take a more active role in mobile.

One of the areas where these brands are most active is in developing mobile applications that engage consumers with their brands in value-add way and help develop a more direct relationship between brand and consumer.

This spring, Johnson & Johnson introduced the Magic Vision app for its Band-Aid brand. The app enables children with a booboo and wearing a Band-Aid bandage featuring the Muppets to launch an augmented reality animated show designed to help them forget all about their booboo.

Another innovative example is the Aquafresh Time2Brush app, also directed at kids. The app provides directions on how to brush teeth in a fun, interactive way and counts down from two minutes to insure kids brush for length of time recommended by dentists.

“There are a growing number of examples of CPGs doing a good job leveraging mobility to develop a direct relationship with consumers,” said Dan Israel, Atlanta-based strategy lead for mobile practice at SapientNitro.

“Brands are getting into this game and providing something that is of relevance to consumers,” he said. “The next step is making these experiences more contextually relevant based on location and frequency of use.

“What mobile is doing is it making it much easier to get front and center and to have that direct relationship with consumers without an intermediary.”


Embracing QR Codes

CPG brands are also particularly enamored of QR codes and other 2D bar codes, putting them on packaging, ads and elsewhere to engage in-store shoppers and provide a value-add via product information, coupons or recipes.

These initial efforts are starting to give way to more innovative use of QR codes.

In June, Walmart and P&G placed QR codes on bus shelters and trucks to encourage on-the-go consumers to scan and instantly buy products from brands such as Tide, Pampers and Gillette. The campaign targeted shoppers in Chicago and New York.

“CPGs have the most to gain from mobile because now they can have a direct relationship with consumers and have an opportunity to make themselves contextually relevant and intertwine themselves into that person’s lifestyle,” SapientNitro’s Mr. Israel said.

“Brands have an opportunity to have a much bigger impact through new brand ambassadors by having that direct relationship,” he said.


Following The Audience

Advertising is another area where CPG brands are beginning to get more innovative with rich media ads and in-app ads targeting specific groups.

Mobile offers brands key benefits such as the ability to target an audience based on a variety of criteria. Additionally, mobile increasingly offers rich media ad units based on HTML5 technology that can help drive engagements.

Jumptap reports that CPG marketers see an average 34 percent lift in click-through rates when applying data targeting and engagement rates for CPG marketers using HTML5 average 17 percent.

P&G reportedly spends more than $10 million on mobile advertising annually. Other CPGs are not spending at the same level in part because measurement and metrics in mobile need to improve before they will be willing to allocate more spend to mobile.

Another challenge for CPGs that is getting in the way of them allocating more of their marketing budgets to mobile is figuring out how to integrate mobile with their other marketing efforts.

Despite these issues, there is no denying that consumers are increasingly engaging with their mobile devices for a variety of activities, from consuming content to comparing prices in stores.

As a result, it makes sense for any major brand to be where their consumers are.

“Advertisers need to follow their audience,” said Paran Johar, chief marketing officer at Jumptap, Cambridge, MA. “With 50 percent of the US owning a smartphone, consumers are dictating to all advertisers how they want to receive their message and where.

“At Jumptap, we’re seeing mobile click-through rates that are double and triple internet click-through rates – those numbers are a big factor in a brand’s decision to leverage mobile,” he said.


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Only 140 days left!

As I pen this note there are only 140 days left until year’s end – you know when the big ball comes down the post in New York’s Times Square.

And many of our customers get a wee bit concerned over what to give their better and more loyal customers, just as a small token of appreciation.


(click pic to enlarge)

This just came in – a nice collection of items certain to fit everyone’s budget and sure to be appreciated by all that receive.

Call us today for a FREE copy.

140 days – 139, 138, 137 ……

July 2012 Cash Mob a Success – Thanks to You!


Now that July is coming to an end, it also means another successful Cash Mob has come and gone. This month, the lucky store to get mobbed was Blak’s Bakery. Chances are that if you’ve had a Paszki here in Windsor, you have already experienced the delightful expertise of Blak’s Bakery and you might not even know it! Around for nearly 100 years at the same location, this family business has provided Windsorites with baked good for almost a century – that is pretty amazing! Sitting down with Tony Blak and talking about some of the history their building holds – how his father started the business and what his business model was compared to today’s was very interesting. Could you imagine door-to-door bread delivery by horse and buggy? That is how it used to be done.

I’d encourage everyone to head over to Blak’s Bakery and pickup some baked goods, support a local business and let’s make sure they are around for another 100 years!

Ca$h Mob of Wind$or!

Written by: Josh Wheeler
Business Developer at Wheeler’s


Yet another company is soon to be mobbed by participants willing to support local Windsor businesses. Ca$h Mob of Wind$or, Wheeler’s Printing, and companies all over Walkerville are supporting this next event!

On April 26th, 2012, Girard & Company (see picture) was mobbed by our Ca$h Mob members! Droves of people showed up to help support the local flower and gift shop by spending a minimum of $20, resulting in over $1000 in one day sales! But the value was not just in the one time purchases, but in the exposure that Girard & Company received by being mobbed by well over 50 people. Parents, children, brothers, sisters, cousins, and everyone in between showed up to promote how wonderful Windsor businesses really are.

Wheeler’s is doing its part to help support local businesses. With every dollar spent at a Ca$h Mob event, Wheeler’s will give $0.20 back to the mobbed company for promotional products! Plus, every member of the Ca$h Mob will receive free handouts while mobbing the unsuspecting company.

The next Ca$h Mob event is this Saturday, May 26th at 3:00pm. We are meeting at the corner of Kildare and Wyandotte to plan our mobbing!

Thanks to all of the participants in advance for helping us show how amazing Windsor is!

Wheeler’s Printing and Copying
(519) 254 – 5237

Cash Mob Windsor Video Updates – May 26, 2012

Just wanted to share some neat videos that were posted by some participants! We love the community involvement!

Watch the videos and make sure you make it out June 23 for the next Cash Mob – Stay tuned for more information as the date gets closer! Don’t forget to share the videos and help spread the word!

Cash Mob May 26, 2012 at hodge podge


Cash Mob April 26, 2012 at Girard & Company Flowers

Mobbing With Cash

Ca$h Mob of Wind$or

Written by: Josh Wheeler of Wheeler’s Printing & Copying


If you haven’t heard of it in the news already, Ca$h Mob of Wind$or is sweeping the town by creating awareness of local companies…. and Wheeler’s had to be a part of it!

Minutes to 6:00pm on Thursday, April 26th, Ca$h Mob of Wind$or and Wheeler’s prepared their mobbing of an unexpecting store. Gathering its participants, they marched into “Girard & Company Flowers and Gifts” with $20 bills in their hands, ready to support the local business with their excitement to buy local.

Inspired by Flash Mobs, Ca$h Mobs are known nationwide and are growing in popularity. By grouping people together that are willing to spend a minimum of $20, Ca$h Mobs help raise awareness of the benefits of buying local, and allow its participants to experience a store that may have gone under the radar before.

Wheeler’s Printing & Copying has been supporting local companies in Windsor for over 18 years! We have been more than grateful for all the business we have received from others in the community and Ca$h Mob of Wind$or was just another chance to prove how amazing Windsor can be.

Thank you to all the participants for coming out and supporting local businesses such as “Girard & Company Flowers and Gifts”. Thanks to you, we have raised money and awareness of what it feels like to buy local.


Thank you,

Josh Wheeler

Wheeler’s Printing & Copying

Integrated Marketing Workshop with a LinkedIn 2.0 Bonus

Tips, Tricks & Tracks

Two local companies join forces to present a morning of interactive learning about marketing your business.  Join Lora Crestan from Solstice Group and Rick Neufeld from Wheeler’s Printing for an inspirational learning day that will move your marketing strategy in new directions.

Whether you are a beginner, wondering where to start, or a seasoned veteran looking for ways to develop new connections and expand your online reputation, learn to use LinkedIn to communicate with new prospects, enhance your brand and integrate this social media tool into your marketing strategy.

“Marketing in theory is one thing, putting it into practice takes work.  Before you build a strategy, you need to understand all the media available and how they can intersect and connect.  We are constantly evolving in what is available so this morning will help business owners understand what they can do and how to measure their success, saving them time and money in the future.” says Rick Neufeld, General Manager of Wheeler’s Printing.

This half day event will take place at the Caboto Club on Thursday April 26th, 2012 from 8:30 am – 11:30 am.  The agenda includes a refresher on LinkedIn by Ms. Crestan, a learning session on using multi-media tools to expand your brand reach and create a measurable track for your marketing plan from Mr. Neufeld and then an extension of LinkedIn with a 2.0 discussion and activity wrapping it all up.

“LinkedIn is a key to success for many professionals.  Understanding how to use this tool can expand your reach globally.  I have had personal success with this and want to share my process to help others be successful.  The 2.0 part of the day includes building a company page, status updates that work, group interaction that makes sense and measurement of your profile’s reach.” says Lora Crestan – Leadership Coach, Solstice Group.

So, if you want to learn what the best way is to spend your marketing dollars? Is it traditional methods such as direct mail or by mass media such as magazine ads, billboards or T.V.? With so many social media sites emerging everyday, is that where you should focus your marketing efforts? The correct answer is all of the above – Neufeld and Crestan will show you how to integrate all of them into your marketing efforts.

Early bird tickets $35 until April 18th, 2012.  Seats are limited  – laptop or tablet required to get the best benefit out of this morning session.  For more information call 519-735-6820.
Also use our #tttwindsor in your Twitter posts.

Tickets for Tips, Tricks & Tracks are on sale now at

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