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Personalized URLs Power the Conversation … and, Most Importantly, Pay Off
by Heather Fletcher, contributing writer, Inside Direct Mail

For companies that had their heads in the clouds when it came time to upgrade their computers, Hewlett-Packard, Intel and JDA Software Group thought it was time for some skywriting. The technology firms sent out personalized direct mail pieces that featured a man with his arms spread upward, experiencing an epiphany due to these fluffy words forming above his head: “Joe Smith, The Moment Has Arrived.”

After determining customers’ upgrade schedules, personalized direct mail and e-mail, complete with Personalized URLs, led recipients to personalized landing pages. There, recipients learned all about how hardware from Palo Alto, California-based HP and Santa Clara, California-based Intel would support software from Scottsdale, Arizona-based JDA Software Group. The $50,000 campaign’s yield: a 9.2 percent response rate and $13 million in sales.

Results like these are causing many marketers to consider direct mail-to-landing page campaigns, and some to drill down further and provide Personalized URLs. Marketers say the direct mail captures prospects’ attention, and the landing page holds it by providing more details. Then the personalization, minimally, provides leads and, optimally, creates relationships.

Personalized URL’s were essential for the conversations that started in fall 2007 with prospects who were considering buying $500,000 to $1.5 million software suites. Customers revealed more information about themselves each time they visited their Personalized URL, which allowed HP, Intel and JDA to reciprocate and nurture them throughout the sales cycle so when customers were ready to buy, they bought the software suite the trio was offering.

“Being relevant and consistent is what separates this project from the many projects I have done in the past,” says Daniel Johnson, strategic relationship manager for Intel. “Sending specific [information] to specific people does make a huge difference. … This type of project takes good program management and it is a bit more time-intensive to set up, but the results are worth it.”

Johnson says the campaign took a month to get off the ground, then six to nine months to show results. It reached out to 2,200 people who could view case studies, videos and product information relevant to them based on their job functions — manager, director or finance officer.

With so many advertising channels out there, why not customize these campaigns to specific people? The more you know about your clientele base, the more solutions you can provide your customers. Wheeler’s uses software that allows you to design, manage, create, and organize everything marketing. Contact us today!


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Chances are, you don’t know Jack…


But you should. Your future business may depend on his purchases of your products and services. Do you know anything about what Jack likes, what attracts him, what advertising channels he actually pays attention to?

What about Jill? Do you know her career? Do you know her age, her spending habits, or the reason why she shopped at your store but has never returned?

Getting better acquainted with Jack and Jill, and other potential customers can be very expensive, yet knowing more about them can help increase your business drastically. You can also save money on advertising by learning which channels work best at attracting your target market.

For these reasons, Wheeler’s Printing and Copying created TMS (Trackable Marketing Systems). With TMS, you will be able to, with our assistance, find out information on exactly what Jack and Jill prefer when shopping at your store. Plus, TMS is your affordable option to track information on your customers to help create more relevant and targeted advertising campaigns, which can bring you more leads that can convert to sales easier and quicker.


You don’t know Jack or Jill yet, but that’s why Wheelers’ TMS is here to help you learn everything about them. Email us today at to start your TMS program!

What is the difference between Cross-Media and Multi-Channel Marketing?

Often these two terms are used as the same but they are far from it.

For example, Multi-Channel Marketing refers to using multiple channels of marketing for a single marketing campaign. So to advertise a monthly sale coming up, you would use direct mail, brochures, an email blast and social media. Therefor we have used 4 different channels for this marketing campaign. Leading marketers are using between 3-6 channels or touches per marketing campaign to make sure their message is being received. How many channels do you typically use?

Cross-Media Marketing, while using different channels, prompts a user to respond using a different media then they were contacted with. So this could be a direct mail piece or brochure that asks the recipient to respond by logging onto a specific micro-site built for the campaign – or maybe to text a code to receive special offers. Maybe it is a social media post about visiting the brick and mortar storefront to receive a discount at the company’s annual open house.

Now the real magic starts when you combine the two into a marketing campaign. Contact me today and let me show you the true benefit of such a campaign. Getting a 2x-5x improved response and beyond can be a reality.

I’ll have a large double-double and a QR code on the side please

Recently Canadian coffee & donut icon, Tim Horton’s, launched a Win Free Coffee for a Year contest. What was required to enter the contest was a simple scan of QR codes printed on in-store signage. Once scanned with a smartphone, the QR code morphed into a multi-page survey of your experience at that particular store with questions like did the clerk smile, were you thanked for your order, was the service quick enough – that tone of questioning. All the pages were nicely formatted to fit on my Blackberry Torch screen until the end of the survey, where, as an option I could enter my name, address, email and phone number for that chance to Win Free Coffee for a Year. This final page that collected my data was not formatted to be easily viewed on my tiny screen without zooming in and scrolling around with clumsy fingers.
Kudos to Tim’s for collecting valuable data to ensure their stores were giving customers a top-drawer experience and for using QR Codes to launch the campaign. In today’s ever more mobile society you have to make the offer/message easily accessible. It’s a shame the last page to their campaign wasn’t given as much thought as the leading pages before it. Didn’t anyone at Tim’s test this out first hand?
If you’d like to learn more about how QR Codes work, their history, and see actual examples of how they can be used to increase your business, log on HERE to  and request our FREE 8 page primer on the subject. Did I mention that it’s FREE?

Big Runs – Small Runs – Wheeler’s does it all!

Whether making a single colour copy of someone’s grandchildren or printing hand bills, since 1994, Wheeler’s Printing has been helping folks communicate effectively through print media. We assist our clients sell more products & services or gather sales leads for their staff. We like to ask the question, “what keeps you awake at night?”
If the answer is “how do I succeed in this economy”, then Wheeler’s helps rid you of those nightmares.

Case in point – the picture above shows a recent run of 50,000 hand bills for the WFCU Centre here in Windsor. The Centre is effectively reaching that many people about an upcoming event using products we were able to supply.
The Printguy to the rescue.

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